Wiser choices

relational experiments
that de-center power
interrupt impacts

inter-generational we-building

de-activating colonial habits of being
learning and un-learning
deciphering other-self, personal-collective

a multi-layered gesture

wake up
own up, show up, step up, clean up
grow inside and outside

what is really needed

towards possibilities
of de-colonial futures
a place for collaborations


cultural identity, language
what is distinct, sovereign?

holding space, together

meeting ourselves
openly, honestly
no matter what

creating with the collective

discerning, processing
digging deeper, relating wider
respond-ably co-sensing

decolonize the self, first

acceptance without endorsement
multiple voices within and around
unconditional respect, trust

the radical tenderness of the heart
in business

How do you cultivate loving relationships in business?

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”
Nelson Mandela