Tilling the inner ground
Of an emergent business consciousness
Preparing our bodies to receive
An intensification of presence
A new economy of the heart

bumping up against structures, leading by example
there are some things we need to embody and commit to as love presses toward us

Unselfing self
Letting go of othering
Of our attachment to dominant responses, on a deep level
Acting as if all of existence matters
Re-animating ourselves, daring to become filled with love


Shattering mis-identification without undermining our true nature
Nous – “us” in French, the collective English “we”, the Greek “anticipating intuition”
No one less than, leaving nobody out
Everyone counts, the right thing to do
Expanding the circle but not same-ing

a leap from intellect to entelechy, knowing the one
preceding us, inviting us all to full membership in the human family

Surpassing inclusion
Finding ourselves in the wholeness of the all
In the totality of the wisdom of all hearts
In the mutuality of belonging


Soul stirring our own stories
Tasting the sweetness of life, together
The magnificence of reciprocity
Connecting us with our more than human side

a step in the right direction as we practice reconciliation, nurturing each other
a view worth considering

an unfolding act of mutual love and respect

How do we create a workplace of belonging?

“It’s not the journey, it’s not the destination…it’s the company.”
john a. powell