Uni – versal Self

our story is changing
and so are we
it is revealing itself
in the infinity of who we are
as beings of energy

from within, not from out there
knowing what we are
as evolution, as creation, as becoming
a solid scientific fact
dancing with the cosmic

charged with life

our climate is changing
the nature of our relationships
with ourselves, as each other
inter-planetary, co-axially
as we grow into the knowing of
a new implicate and deeper order of being

of undivided wholeness
holons of a live universe
pixillating information networks
steeped in love
bio-beings of the Earth
cosmic star dust


accelerating, activating
wholes within wholes
alive and conscious
emerging in a unified dynamic field
flying the true colors of our greater Self
the ground of existence

how do we then
as planetary creatures …
hold the deep paradox
of simultaneously living and dying
of joy and heartbreak
in every moment?


nurturing, opening a portal to coeurage
grounding our awareness of the dynamics
of an interdependent, interconnected
interrelated meta-verse
of coming together
beings of the Earth

a visionary new approach to climate
a story of a collective pivoting to the we
to a field of group consciousness

with heart at the center of everything…

How is your own worldview influencing how you evolve your business?

“A corporation is organized as a system – it has this department, that department…they don’t have any meaning separately; they only can function together. ” – David Bohm