Transforming learning in business

learning for each other
a cloud of knowing
mutualistic, altruistic, pluralistic
catalyzing, precipitating thought

powerful new conditions
finding voice in the sharing
drawing on a common pool of wisdom
changing the culture of business

intentional action
cooperative expression
co-creative practice
loving contribution, reflective engagement

a culture of learning

making things better in the workplace
building community
casting a wider net
spawning generosity, curiosity, reciprocity
a world of discovery

honoring potential
practice… again and again
getting things done
moving with intention

turning up the lights
on empathy, caring, sensitivity
accessing heart-based experiences
the unexpected teachers
bridging the gaps

unity in the commons

advancing our understanding
embracing uncertainty
contributing to the planet
making things matter

seeding, watering
coherence, flexibility, humanity
changing the world
linking to learning everywhere
connecting to our best work

practicing business from the heart

How do you create a learning culture in your business?

“…learning is the process through which leadership comes to life…” – Gianpiero Petriglieri