The story of Love in Business

Like it or not, the current economic situation is touching us all.
And right now, we’re collectively experiencing the effects of unpredictable changes in business that are significantly impacting how we live.
The challenges we face are many, varied and very real.
This is the uncertain story of our times.

While many businesses are declaring bankruptcy, others appear to be flourishing and growing exponentially.
It’s hard to make sense of any of this.
How can we predict what is coming next?

This story is about you & me. It’s affecting our families, our colleagues, our neighbors.
But one thing is beyond question – we are in this, together.

Shift your experience, co-create our future

While we can’t change the past, we have the power to shift how we experience the
present…and how we co-create a future that is in the interest of everyone, not just a few.
In fact, how we respond to all this, is already imprinting the patterns of our future.

On the one hand, we find ourselves in the midst of an unnatural pause.
As if suspended in time.
With an opportunity to reflect, put things right and re-imagine ourselves.
Both in our personal lives & in our work.

And on the other hand, we are being swept along by a tidal wave of incoming change that is unstoppable.
We are feeling disoriented, clinging to the old, not knowing where we will land.
Watching cracks surface everywhere, we are unsure of our next steps.
We have never been here quite in this way, before.

The contrasts are striking.
And this is what most of us are witnessing or living. Every day.
It is hard to know what to think or what to do.

Change your story, change our lives

Yet, amidst all this, we have a choice.
It’s about showing up with a better story.
One that speaks about community, collaboration, inclusion and hope.

The question is:
Will we rise to the occasion?
Or will we continue to be tone-deaf and sidetracked by keeping to the status quo, at any cost?

The time has come for us to recalibrate, to reconsider how we do business, and to embrace a more connected, conscious way of being in business.
As a community. Inside and outside.
Or to use a more fitting analogy, from the inner boardroom to the outer boardroom.

If we want to learn to be nimble, flexible and remain adaptable under present circumstances, our decision to leave old habits behind must be uncompromising.
One thing is clear.
We can’t count on business-as-usual because it can no longer take us where we want to go.

Living a new story of business, together

In truth, what this story is asking of us is commitment, advocacy, love. Putting ourselves
on the hook. Trusting in the process. Finding a common note.
Because being a conscious business change agent is a calling. Not just a job.
We are needed now more than ever.

This is where innovative thinking and acting differently in business, open up new
possibilities for all of us.
This is a time to speak from our hearts.
Go deeply within and tap our inner resources.
Consciously consider our relationship with the Earth.
Take a stand. Act decisively.
Clear the way towards a new consciousness with an emphasis on the greater good.

By speaking out loud, we will find our voice.
We will begin to tell the New Story of Business, together.

The story of Love in Business.


What do you imagine the New Story of business to be?


“When you speak from the heart, the right answers will come.”

-Jannette Hoeksema