The inner boardroom

Uncertainty. About what lies in front of us.
Ambiguity shaping the how, when and where we work.
How do we decide whether to go full steam ahead, hedge our bets, or adopt a wait and see approach?

So far, we have viewed unpredictability in a dualistic way.
Either the world is dependable and we can engage in precise forecasting.
Or dubious and questionable. With unmitigated risk.
Traditional strategic planning and risk management have served companies well in previous business environments.
But are proving marginal as the new way forward.

A high ratio of “uncertainty to knowledge” exists in today’s marketplace.
This is a problem because making decisions based on old assumptions and a certain kind of thinking often leads us to out-of-balance outcomes.
The one-size-fits all analytic approach of evaluating strategic options has become inadequate.
This is because we have underestimated the potential latent in possibility.

Now is the very best time to engage our minds and hearts in transforming our relationship with the unknown.
The unseen. The not-yet-perceived.
With poise. Creativity. Trust.
Through a power located deep within ourselves… our own knowing.

Intuition in business

We have barely scratched the surface in identifying relevant information that could be of use, if alternative modes of thinking were used.
Such as generating perceptions beyond our five senses, for instance.
Or forms of knowledge that go past the rational. Outside the intellect.
In alignment with the self so we can bring to light greater currents of thought.

Developing our intuition in business is the most important work we will do to advance conscious business practices.
Bar none.
In the third space, we call it working from the “inner boardroom”.

A necessity if we are to fill in the gaps.
In-form our outer actions.
With attention, intention and deep wisdom.
Culling insights. Using capacities otherwise unavailable.
It takes a different slant to get to the new.
Intuition is our consciousness speaking to us.

A lexicon of love

An approach in which we leverage disruptive change by finding out what’s behind the uncertainty.
Take bold moves that have deeper meaning.
Ambivalence becomes a precious asset instead of a liability.
It takes us to a place of wonder. Of curiosity.
Of openness to the undivulged. The untold.

It is worth asking ourselves if, in this environment, we are managing change only from the outside.
And how we can better use our inner wisdom to navigate the unrecognized in service to a greater good.

Often the information we are looking for is hidden just below the surface.
The catalyst a simple inquiry which then leads us to new possibility.

Imagine exploring and making use of uncertainty.
Taking what is unforeseeable and making it central to a fuller view of things.
The good news is that in an unpredictable world, an intuitive approach helps us to reduce our assumptions.
To temper our intolerance. Our impetuosity. Our insatiable desire for unchecked growth.

An innate capacity

We all have a natural connection with our intuition.
But our belief systems and educational conditioning have taught us to ignore it.
All great scientists from Leonardo da Vinci, to Einstein and David Bohm have become aware that their greatest discoveries were made not by reason but by intuition.

And this is precisely what has been missing in business.
How do we recover from this condition?

By developing our intuition. At work. In our lives.
Uncovering the unknown. And making it knowable.
By paying attention to our inner impulses and promptings.
Expanding our imagination. Stirring our creative intelligence.
When we develop radical, extrasensory capacities what has been dormant in us, awakens.
What better time to touch into an unexplored and largely unused gift we all have?

By following our intuition, we learn to identify unseen options, at each level of uncertainty.
Answers don’t lie outside of ourselves. They sit within us.
Waiting to be discovered.

When we open our heart, our view broadens. By 359 degrees.
By trusting our own inner teacher, our innate wisdom guides us.

It helps us bridge the gaps and inject new insights into the outer boardrooms, of our businesses.

What is one thing your intuition has been telling you today?
How are you aware of your inner boardroom?

“The intellect without your intuition awake is one of the most dangerous things in the world.” Osho