Space between the edges

In the company of Love, we come as we are.
And create a space for the heart. In business.

Shaping inter-actions. Deepening personal connections.
Our ability to feel.
Full of possibility,
A promise waiting to be fulfilled.

Collecting ourselves.
In the intervals in which we exist.
Frequencies by which to grow.

A moment’s awareness

A threshold.
Injecting the intimate into the universal.
Giving us a place to rest.

A transition.
Crossing over.
Leaving some things behind.

In active silence.
A pivotal space.
Around, in-between.
New thought-forms. Ringing deeply inside.

Full of emptiness

Subtle means. Bringing us together.
The invisible birthing of spaciousness.
Bridging the gaps that have divided.

Trusting we will find what we need.
Now, here. Taking the time.
Together. Harmony and balance.

Changing our view of the world.
From the endless space within our hearts.

How do you approach space in your business environments?

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”  
Blaise Pascal