Soul notes in business

In this week’s Interblog, we offer a series of e-mails between two businesses shared by one of our community members as an example of a soul-centered exchange.

When seen through the lens of inter-relationship, business becomes whole.


Hello Vince,

Welcome to the New Year!

Of course, it also brings with it some time for reflection…about relationship, growth and opportunities to evolve and prosper.
We love you for who you are…and for the healthy products that you create.

We last got together in February, 2020. It was great fun, as always, and meaningful to share information and to simply connect and “be together”.

With the emergence of Covid 19 we have had some challenges to facilitate our partnership.
What does your “inner self” have for guidance in this most precious moment.

All the best,


Hello Jack,

I hope 2021 had a positive start also for you all.

The entire Covid crisis did bring a lot of reflection time.

Business wise, we are living a positive, and not without pressure, moment.

We are happy to serve the community with our products, but it is definitively a moment in which every decision (positive and negative) can have important repercussions.
This is why our attention is turning to those markets in which we are leaders and the demand for our products is high.

I am sorry not to have been able to pay attention to you with the necessary support, however we have realized that the investments made in the last period in your territory, have not yet brought the desired results.
We believe in the need to continue developing a foreign market and at this moment, we are not sure that the strategies adopted so far are the right way to follow.

On the basis of mutual esteem, and in respect of the efforts made by both sides, I believe that probably the time may have come for us to consider other avenues without the choice affecting negatively on our relationship with you.

I am open to discussing the best ways to end our collaboration.

I will always be deeply grateful to you for accompanying me on this path.

All the best,


Hello Vince,

Welcome to a new day.

I appreciate your very thoughtful response, expressive of our overall goodwill and the conscious collaboration that we have enjoyed.
We are also deeply grateful for our partnership.

We shall miss our co-creative process and agree that it is time to “let go” of our distributor agreement.

You remain in our thoughts and hearts, and we wish you the best in future endeavors.

Andrea Bocelli is now singing to us with his heartfelt classic, “It’s Time to Say Goodbye”.
With love in our hearts and appreciation for what is… we sign off with continued connection as stewards of both divine and worldly purpose.

All the best,


Hi Jack,

Thank you for your words, I agree on each of them.
I am sure we will meet again, and the appreciation I have for you won’t make any difference of whether we will be or not be “partners in business”.
That is not everything in life.

Thank you again, please let’s stay in touch.