Seeing the light

Like photographers, conscious business owners are in search of light.
The heart, like a camera, teaches us how to see.
The inner director, in intimate observation.
Deepening consciousness. Of self, other. A sense of community.
A village. The world.
A promise of partnership. Creating connections.
Intuitive, heart-centered choices.


Looking for the subtleties of language.
Exploring the landscape. New topographies.
For variations. Symbols, patterns, textures.
Seeding thoughts into words into images.
Constantly adjusting the aperture.
Like the pupil searching for light.

Unique perspectives. Resilience. Regeneration.
Multiple openings. Pondering on how to make a difference.

Focus, sharpness. Reflecting depth of commitment.
Magnification. Demagnification.
Seeing with soft eyes. The evolution of love in business.
Finding new alignment.


The eye made quiet by the power of harmony.
Being and doing.
Balance in the frame.
Attention to detail. Seeing the essence of what is truly there.
An ability to fully open the heart.

Recovering connection with the outside world around us.
The spirit of business rising again, in important and creative ways.
Scanning for a touch of soul.

Where do you see the heart of business?

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  Carl Jung