Seeds of thought

Everything starts with a thought.
Thoughts are as potent as seeds.
Within wildseeds, spirits waiting to be released.
Like a forest sprouting from a single acorn.
Everything held in the one thought.
Encoding a deeper message.
Landing on fertile soil.

Right thought

An important seed to cultivate.
Generative seedthoughts in business.
Inspirational. Aspirational. Life-giving.
Bending words into new worlds.


The observer. The observed.
Looking inwards. Outwards. Upwards. In all directions.
Making us master gardeners of our own reality.
The power to choose what to water.
To get out of our hardened mind patterns.
Flashes of pure insight. Intuition.
Heightening the here and the now.
Communing with a greater intelligence.
An odyssey into presence.

The possibility that, together, we can cultivate conscious businesses that work better.
Nurturing abundance in everyone.
Seedthought. A force for good.
Awakening in the field.
Another awareness at work.


The right seeds. In the right soil.
Cultivated. One heart at a time.
Perfect conditions.
Heirloom seeds worth preserving.
Blossoming from generation to generation.
Something else is coming through.
We are planting trees for positive change.

It’s time to act because we reap what we sow.

What seeds of abundance do you water, in the fertile ground of your business?

“There will always be fertile soil. There will always be the genius seed inside you. There will always be the opportunity to combine the two.”
David Ault