Seeding change in business

Quantum science tells us that where we put our attention is what creates our reality.

Energy follows thought

Who we are in business is highly dependent on how we think.
What if we were to focus on awakening the heart of business ?
We have an unparalleled opportunity to re-story ourselves, to re-consider how we want to be in business
Being present to one another and engaging with an open-heart is a simple way to begin.

Awaken business, from the heart

We’re being asked to do something that we’ve never done before.
We are unpracticed. Walking unfamiliar territory.
By speaking what lies at the heart of this new business story, the potency of our thoughts and actions are amplified.
We are powerful agents of transformation.
Our capacity to make change happen, is in how we act together, not alone.
By cultivating a thoughtful community of practice.
We believe that in business, as in our personal lives, there is a more gentle, elegant, efficient & satisfying way of working.

A new business cosmology

At this pivotal point, it’s important to realize that we do have options.
In fact, it’s crucial to acknowledge that we are in the right place, at the right time.
On the curve of a story with new origins. Writing itself through us, from the inside out.

Connecting business, one heart at a time

This is where we stand. Because we want to participate in transforming the future of business.
Our future depends on each of us stepping up and showing up with the best we have to offer.
By mustering all the “coeur-age” we can find and by shaping a more caring future, our collective capacity can become our new reality.
If your heart is resonating to this message, join us on this exciting new journey because who doesn’t want to be in at the beginning of a new story!
Where do you stand?

What does “being” the change mean to you?

“I’ve heard tell that what you imagine sometimes comes true.”
– Roald Dahl