Sacred circles

Celebrating Earth.
A spectacular Supermoon.
Finding balance. Merging polarities.
Energizing. Radically altering our course.


In the US, coal mining moving to renewables.
Shifting the power sector.

The French trading in aging vehicles for electric bikes.
Changing transportation.

Unilever cooperating with worldwide partners.
Saving the oceans.

Diet research.
Revolutionizing global agriculture.

Newsflash: stone paper made from mining waste.
Remembering that trees are our lungs.

Good news.

Progressing differently than projected.
Creating models that once defied imagination.
Moving into a fundamentally different world.
Decarbonizing the economy.
Decentering ourselves as boss of the planet.
Activating processes of decolonization.
New benchmarks.

Creating the unexpected.


Firmly replanting ourselves as Earth again.
Gaia. No longer outside ourselves.
In us. As us. Through us.
Expanding self into Self.

Stories becoming the leads.
Becoming the new story.

Lifetime opportunities.
Always keeping our eye on what is possible.
Matching the map. Opening up spaces.
Nothing in isolation will be ‘enough’. We can’t do it alone.

A point of tension. Opportunity for change.


There is still much work to do.
It’s never too late to act.
To stay in harmony with Gaia.

Standing in the middle. Change happens.
Conversations bloom.
A generative narrative emerges.

Communicating the message.
Symbolic moments.
Devising a plan.

Dramatically reorganizing global thinking.
New optics.
A ripple effect.

Contributing to a better future.
Ecological consciousness.

Gaia is at the core of our very existence.  Love is always there.

How do you creatively engage with climate change in your business?

On impact: “I have learned you are never too small to make a difference.”
On intention: “The moment we decide to fulfill something, we can do anything.”
On change: “Right here, right now…everything needs to change – and it has to start today.”
On not giving up: “Giving up is never an option.”
On unity: “Together and united, we are unstoppable.”

Greta Thunberg