When I was a child, my worldview was small.  My life seemed predictable.
I grew up on an island in the Caribbean.
I went to school, came home, did my homework, played with my friends, and spent a lot of time outside.
I remember lying on the ground watching clouds, birds and airplanes passing overhead.

Then came the day I left home to study in Europe and begin my adult adventures.
And everything changed!
In the time it took to cross the Atlantic ocean, the simple life I had known vanished forever.
Or so I thought, until the pandemic arrived…


Recently I have been feeling that young child emerge again and it is an unexpected and refreshing gift.
The young child I was knew the feeling of endless days, of one day rolling into the other, of life being timeless.
We never called it lockdown.
My inner life was joyful and my curiosity was sparked by simple things.
Insects, a new book from the weekly trip to the library, and watching the dough rise in my mother’s kitchen.

Little did I know I was seeding the person I was to become.
There is a deep recognition within me that the simple values and joys that guided my life then are currently sparking some of the most precious memories of my life.
These are the exact values that are guiding me through the pandemic and beyond.

A new awareness

The third space is a space that contains our wholeness.
It is in the silence that I am remembering how much I love that playful, resourceful creative child who had a solution for everything!
Even when sent to her room, she got lost in her books and artwork, peering into the images on her stamp collection dreaming of far away places.

The adult woman I have become has more worldly concerns.
During these times of change when nothing seems destined to return to what we once knew, is there still a place for childlike play?
In reflecting on how I respond as a clinic owner something interesting occurs.
When faced with new competitors vying for my market, a sudden dip in my referral sources, or changes in contracts and declined payment from third-party payers, I enter into my business reality from the same space I stepped into child’s play.
I only know one reality!

Coming to wholeness

The little girl stepped into the third space circle and had an awareness of creating a new game with her friends.
A child’s desire to enter the game, be heard and seen, have a good game, and be with friends is no different than my experience as a clinic owner.
I desire to provide for my patients, help them to heal, be paid for my services, and have access to resources.
Same energy, different words.

I find such comfort and wonder in these potentiated times stepping into the third space circle.
This quantum space that vibrates at a higher frequency through the presence of a collective energy field.
It may seem a novel idea, but my experiences as a child remind me that we’ve all done this before.
Somewhere within we have the memory, that when life compels and we enter the circle, the path appears.

In the third space, everything becomes more clear as we return to our original state.