power up

align with a finer, sublter
economy of energies
a universal power grid
of electrical impulses

of omni-relatings
of magnetic exchanges
a source, a force
for mutual sharing

a higher voltage

of rich transmissions
abundant connections
into love symmetries
of an awakening heart

harvesting seeds of
our aggregate net worth
disseminating higher resources
distributing inner wealth

alternating currents

embodying, expressing
new ways of belonging
inside an intrinsic value
of fairness, of equality, of opportunity

of inner resilience

presencing a capacity for goodwill
outpicturing a new frequency
re-igniting flickerings
precipitating healthy economics

an electrodynamic charge
taking us to love in business
leading us to spiritual capital
in a new ecology of commerce

we can only usher in the new
if we are will to go there ourselves.

What is the future of work as you see it?

“We love people who recognize and remind us, that Love in Business is not a soft landing but a fierce and powerful force, as we evolve into new ways of working.”  – thethirdspace