perfectly imperfect


A great transformation is underway in our world.

It is a reminder that the principles of transformation are the same for individuals, groups, and businesses.

We create and direct our outer life through becoming aware of our inner life.

Through exploring beliefs and ideas, releasing distorted perceptions or perspectives, and realizing new levels of possibility, we cultivate an atmosphere of kindness and respect.

As conscious business practitioners, we believe that we can transform business through awakening the heart.

Aware not just of “what I am doing” but “how I am relating to it” and why.

We practice this awareness in a community of other business practitioners with similar intentions.

We experience clarity, generosity of spirit, and creativity.

Encouraged to see all points of view, we invite in a growth mindset.

Having fun and being playful enhances our creativity.

It is a continual deepening and transformation within ourselves as we encourage this within others.

Love in Business.

A choice in every moment.

How am I connected to qualities of the heart (love, joy, compassion, courage, kindness)?

“Compassion is a verb.”  Thich Nhat Hanh