Opposites attract

The words love in business elicit a range of responses.
From genuine surprise and intense curiosity to sheer wonder and optimism.
The kind that takes your breath away.

They also give rise to astonishment. Confusion. Discontinuity.
Even skepticism and disbelief.
You know, the cocked eyebrow…
The look that says: “what is that?”

New coordinates

Take note.

This once dissonant idea is attracting resonance.
Drawing interest. Offering a new orientation.
Delivering us into an unexpected coupling.
Nestling into one another.

And / With

Midwifing a greater order of reality. In business.
Hard to put into words.
Yet, visionary.
Inevitable. In revaluing.
Especially now.

Amping up our own roles in this budding relationship.

What do these words restore in you?

When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.”
Betty Bender