open heart open mind

Check it out.
A love story.
Between two companies.
Heart 2 Heart.
Fair and equitable.

Unusual? Rare?
Maybe not.
Perhaps just part of a treasure trove of untold stories.
To be read, heard, seen.
Shared. Lived.
More common. Real. Tangible than we realize.


Gems held tightly. Inside the heart.
Brought to the light of day.
Great acts of love playing out. In business.
Revealing. Spreading like wildfire.
Showing up. In the here-and-now.

Relational. Mutual. Reciprocal.
Inner to inter. Spilling outward.
Part of an interactive cycle.
The way of the circle. The sacred hoop of life.
Of open-heartedness. Of generosity.

Through and among businesses.
Within organizations.
Creating paths into communities of practice.
Powerful. Deep.
Opening windows for this love song to be heard.


The sounds of a pure of heart.
A touch of elegance.
Selflessness. Compassion. Courage. Fidelity.
Qualities of a love more than personal.
For the Earth. For humanity.

An underlying geometry.
Constellating love in business.
Beautiful. Implicit. Uplifting.
An aesthetic tinged with order and design.
A tender, purposeful love.
In the name of the greatest good.
Perennial. Meaningful. Harmonious.

An expanding future that our fearless hearts can attune to.
And make possible.
Transforming. Liberating. One business heart, at a time.
An enduring love story.

Playing for keeps.

Connecting business one heart at a time.

In your experience, what makes an inspiring love story in business?

“When your heart opens, the world around you changes.”
Mintong Gu