latent, quiescent signals
coalescing below the surface
like the tip of an iceberg
carrying centuries-old memories
slowly releasing in time and space
remembering on our behalf


purpose progressively unfurls itself
through phases of a lifetime
gradually, incrementally, changing patterns
coming forward, next steps
moving in ever growing circles
only available to awakening consciousness


associations, threading the themes of our lives
taking us layers deep, lifting us up to unseen heights
uncovering ways of living life
as it writes itself in our bodies, in our hearts, in our minds
as revelation, inspiration
nothing gives us more fulfillment than connecting, belonging

a calling

finding meaning, a reason for being
self falling away, in community
making sense through each other
evoking sensations, emotions, giving with passion
the art of contact, love as a magnet
broader implications of being in relationship
dynamic electric aspirational


group an instrument for change
sharing singularity of purpose
a declaration of aspirational urgings
all-inclusive, synthetic, motivating
harmoniously uniting and integrating
evoking what is highest and best in us
essence, creativity, potentiality, communion


soul-aligned inner state
available for larger purposes
anchored in shared goals
a magnetic field of influence
awakening the heart in business
love its powerful medium
a map and a compass

How does your “inner power” show up in your business? How does it guide you?

“There is a divine purpose behind everything- and therefore a divine presence in everything.”
Neale Donald Walsch