New beginnings

We couldn’t step into the New Year without sending you a message of thanks and huge gratitude. From our hearts to yours.

To put things in perspective, despite a year like no other, we have shone brightly, together.

We have done amazing work, as a new community.

What seemed impossible, has become reality.

And to be clear, none of this could have been happened without you. Without us.

Under challenging circumstances, we made the decision to move forward because making business a force for good in the world seemed more needed and urgent than ever.

Through Conscious Business Conversations and Love in Business, our HeartLink2Biz Blog and rich Interblog contributions, and countless interconnections online, you have helped to set strong foundations for conscious business.

Looking forward, let’s take the challenging lessons we have collectively lived over the past year and apply them to renewing our relationship with each other, business and the Earth.

Let’s continue to join hearts and hands.

What we have learned above all else is that community is the seed from which we grow.

We are strong when we stand together.

What we have come to know best, as conscious business practitioners, is that we can transform business by awakening the heart.

And as we greet 2021, let’s…


Every moment. A new beginning.

A life changing discovery.

New beginnings.

New possibilities.

Constant renewal. Positive Impact.

Body. Mind. Heart. Soul.