Memo from the Inner Boardroom

The expression ‘working with the inner boardroom’ was coined in the third space to distinguish between our interior guide and our outer facilitator.  We activate soul’s compass as it subtly orients us into the heart of our business.

Soul’s work is intuitive and contributes to the energies that awaken us to our essence. It draws on the inner powers that are alive in us and is one of the foundational elements in the Love in Business System where it has been added to the heart lexicon that is in constant evolution.

If you are new to the idea of an inner boardroom, you may be wondering where to begin.

Imagine for a moment, introducing a reflective approach as you enter into any business conversation and gathering.

What if instead of opening your meetings with a strategic and issue-driven agenda, you were first to intentionally set an interior attitude, a tone that best serves all those attending and ultimately, broadens everyone’s capacity to engage more consciously, purposefully, effectively and harmoniously?

How is it possible to merge head and heart, being and doing in business?

Inner boardroom explorations are meant to complement and enrich all forms of communication and interaction within organizational systems.  They are designed to align our thinking and our being, seamlessly.

Here is a simple 7-step process to help you prepare as you enter into your upcoming meetings:

  1. Set the field – take the necessary time to create inner spaciousness by inviting stillness and deep reflection so that the group can connect to the source of their deep inner knowing. This can be achieved through a short moment of silence to clear the mind and enter the heart.
  2. Plant a seed thought – look for a poem, a quote, a theme – around which to awaken open-hearted engagement, align feelings of collaboration and presence a sense of deep respect and trust in the group.
  3. Invite sharing of insights, impressions, intuitions – that arise from the field during this quiet moment, without opinion or judgement. All is valued and honored.
  4. Open up space for conscious inquiry during the meeting – encourage deeper listening, pauses and receptivity to what is wanting to emerge.
  5. Bring out the best in people – by acknowledging gifts, breakthroughs and potential as they each come to light.
  6. Focus your attention on compatibilities, synchronicities, relationships and points of connection – as we watch ourselves evolve into a multi-dimensional whole.
  7. And above all, align with the coherent and unifying force of the heart.

When we look through the lens of wholeness, and keep love at the center, the everyday practices of the Inner Boardroom exist to transform us. It is our home base, our strategic touchpoint.

As you experiment and work with you own inner boardroom, please share with us what you are experiencing.

With love from our inner boardroom to yours!

How can ‘working with the inner boardroom’, best support your business journey right now?

“Everything you see has roots in the unseen world.”  – Rumi