making peace

let us hold peace
as a possibility

give our full attention
to the potentiality
of a shared unity

a continuous link

to choosing a life of peace
in service
to awakening the heart

imagine conditions
where we find ourselves
charting a path

in service to each other

finding our way
to re-calling
our own humanity

getting to know
who we are
as peacekeepers

engaging in relationships

it’s never too late
to live peace
or to sustain a vision of compassion

to take the time
to come together
in mutual acquiescence

to forge a wider field

in which the miracle
of ‘being peace’ can bloom

How do you maintain peaceful relations in your own business?

“When the field of vision has been unified, the inner being comes to rest, and that inner peacefulness flows into the outer world as harmony and compassion.” Cynthia Bourgeault