Love in Business

Course 1 ∞ Presence in Business

 weekly on-line experiences

the third space is where Love in Business thrives

where awakening business from the inside out
becomes a lived experience

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What is the Love in Business System?

The Love in Business System (LiB) is:

  • a cosmology:
    a business story with new origins

  • an art:
    in how to design a conscious business from the inside out

  • an approach:
    to being and doing in business and in life

  • a pathway:
    dedicated to fostering business as a force for good in the world

  • a process:
    a conscious way of thinking and learning

  • a system:
    holistic, interconnected and scalable

  • a series:
    of unique experiences and innovative opportunities

  • a science:
    a quantum view of how we can have a positive impact

We invite you to:

Through the

New ideas
Ways of being 

Design your
Own unique
Love in Business

Evolution is happening in business

It is critical that we meet this moment with presence and awareness

This is the perfect time to go deeply within, draw from our collective wisdom, and co-create a compelling new business story.

This is a personal invitation for you to join us

in opening the way towards the story of Love in Business

where together we connect business, one heart at a time.

We are being called to take action, now.

In the third space, we feel that this is a defining time to initiate change, simply because we are in the right place, at the right time.

Where will you add your own unique voice in this new Love in Business Story?

We invite you and your business to

  • a collective inner space

    where together

    we will experience expanded group consciousness in business

  • an on-going conscious business conversation

    where together

    we will dive into heart-centered inquiry and explore relevant questions of the day

  • a cutting edge business initiative

    where together

    we will cultivate a new language and weave a new story of Love in Business

  • a living experiment 

    where together, as pioneers

    we will respond to the call of the planet to co-create a harmless, inclusive and whole vision for business


What is emerging as a new story for business?

What is the story for our times and where is the future of business?

How do we dare to imagine and courageously change our current story?

Can you imagine yourself as a conscious business leader in this new story of Love in Business?

This Love in Business System is for you if you are a:

  • Heart-centered business practitioner who resonates and aligns with the message of conscious business and Love in Business
  • Positive change agent and innovative entrepreneur
  • Visionary thought leader
  • Business professional who is now working from home
  • Coach or organizational consultant

Join us and connect with a growing global community of committed and like-minded individuals as we are Love in Business, together.

How does the Love in Business System work?

It is an online holistic program that merges 3 approaches into one:

  • a comprehensive, multilayered, and agile business system
  • an experiential and interactive learning system with a growing library of original and curated content, resources and processes 
  • an integrated and practical unifying way of being and doing system that is interwoven throughout

The Love in Business System consists of 3 interconnecting experiences:

Presence in Business – the Attunement Sequence
  • In this sequence, we attune with our inner knowing
  • Being in business – what does this really mean?

Wisdom in Business – the Alignment Sequence

  • In this sequence, we align and integrate our inner self with our outer expression in business
  • We dive into a deep process of inquiry – how are inner wisdom and knowledge complementary?

Wholeness in Business – the Activation Sequence

  • In this sequence, we fuse the being with the doing in business.
  • We apply all we have discovered in our own conscious business systems – how are we love in action in business?
What we have found is that our Love in Business approach is striking a chord. People have been asking us to share our own discoveries. We have been inspired by these requests and this has led us to making our system available to those of you who are looking to better serve others, through your businesses.
Put simply: the Love in Business System was designed specifically with you in mind. 

We don’t claim to have all the answers but we’re willing to pass along what we’ve discovered. We’re hoping that we can hone this system together and add to its dimensionality.

We are here to support you as you explore, grow, and nurture your own conscious business system.

Presence in Business – Attunement Sequence

In Presence in Business we explore how we..

  • move into a place of heart coherence together through establishing an inner rhythm and becoming sensitized to a different way of seeing, hearing, and sensing 
  • harmonize with one another by cultivating a new communication system and complementary conscious practices 
  • weave both inner and outer experiences into a narrative of Love in Business

We experience ourselves as co-creators in a much larger story that is presently unfolding.

The diversity and power of our stories will lead us to see business with new eyes and become catalysts for change.

How we interact with our hearts in all aspects of our work, affects the whole of business and invites us to be this change, ourselves.

Module 1: Presence

An inner learning landscape – open, responsive and reciprocal

The third space is the inner landscape in which we presence love in business. In this field, the seeds of a new cosmology of conscious, heart-centered business are being planted.

Once we establish an inner rhythm, seeing, hearing, and sensing are of a different nature.

This is when we know we are in a field of heart coherence. This is where soul gifts us with its presence…

And this is where we speak from a language of the heart as we go about our daily business.

Unit 1 – Being in business

Unit 2 – Inner presence in business

Unit 3 – Heart awareness in business

Module 2: Inquiry

Everyone has a unique note to play. Together, we tune to a common sound.

In this module, we will explore the dynamics of harmonizing to one another by cultivating a new communication system and complementary conscious practices that are inclusive, collaborative and bring us to coherence in business.

We will learn to observe how our thoughts inform our actions from the inside and how we can weave both strands into a narrative of Love in Business.

Unit 4 – Intuition in business

Unit 5 – Inner wisdom in business

Unit 6 – Heart-centered values in business

Module 3: Discovery

What does love have to do with business?

In this third module, we will begin to see ourselves as evolutionary “beings” in business, and as trailblazers in the development of a new conscious narrative.

The diversity and power of our stories will lead us to see business with new eyes and become catalysts for change.

How we interact with our hearts in all aspects of our work, affects the whole of business and will allow us to be this change, ourselves.

Unit 7 – Synthesis in business

Unit 8 – Inner group work in business

Unit 9 –New story of Love in Business

This transformative experience begins soon