Limitless Capacity

The word capacity came up in one of our group conversations, lately.
Which got us thinking about how this term applies in a conscious business context.
Many interpretations. Connotations. Inferences.
Skills and capacities. Learned and innate.
Capacities re-memorialized. Re-discovered.

Surfacing revealing questions.
What do we mean by developing capacity in a conscious business culture?
What capacities do we need to respond intelligently to what’s going on in business right now?


It’s useful to think that these questions just showed up by chance.
If we ignore that deep listening and presencing pave the way to reclaiming our greatest capacity.
Our intuitive knowing.
Connected to the core of our being.
Resonant with our hearts and souls.

In the context of transformation, capacity building refers to our ability to manage ourselves in the face of change. Nurturing resilience.
A calm mind leads to a cool head. Patience. Humility. Mindfulness.
And an expansive heart.
Bringing our intrinsic capacities to light.

Courage. Staying open to the questions.
Getting to the issues. Trusting the process.
Responding from our innermost wisdom, with clarity, compassion and understanding.
Difficult conversations, stressful situations suddenly more manageable.
Decision-making likely to find constructive, life-giving solutions.

Capacity for life

A state of being. No efforting required.
Entering a part of ourselves that expresses itself naturally, organically without the overthinking, overanalyzing mind.
Not difficult to read.
Just needing practice. Space.

The applications limitless.
Sharpening our focus on advancing the greater good.

Holding the tension between opposites.
Experiences that break and mend our hearts.
Opening us to even greater capacity.
On this new leg of the journey.

Simultaneously, cultivating greater latitude for conscious group action.
Speaking from our center to the center. Building circles of trust.
Generating new thought. Wholeness and alignment.
Making space for diverse voices. Multiple perspectives.

And suddenly, we just get better at pre-filtering.
Without realizing it.
Our bodies moving, speaking, behaving differently.

Business and spirituality

A new phenomenon.
Transcending sectarian boundaries.
Soul bringing down walls.
Flourishing in the workplace.

We become what we practice.

Building capacity for change. Beyond hands and heads.
Our best selves.
Strengthening our hearts to face these times.

Love. An infinite resource. A renewable capacity.

What new capacities are you growing in yourself, in your business, these days?

The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering” Ben Okri