Language is more than words

The case for a new business language that is attuned with holistic thinking is compelling in today’s diversified marketplace.
Dreaming ourselves into wholeness through metaphor and the imaginal is a tall order.
Repurposing and juxtaposing thoughts and phrases to bring new meaning is done every day.

We are witnessing a growing trend in the use of spiritual concepts and memes to represent a new orientation in business.
A sacred language of intention.

We are told that language is always changing.
Across space and time. In cultures and social groups.
New words are borrowed or invented. Slips of the tongue.
Meanings shift. Morphemes altered or disappearing.

A synthesizer

Developing an all-embracing, inner to outer language becomes more critical when developing a conscious business.
Where social justice, environmental responsibility and economic equity hold sway.
Marked by love, compassion, kinship, collaboration.
Peace and harmony, synchronicities and unity.
And if you add heart-centeredness and soul-focus to the mix, the complexities are multiplied.

Navigating these waters takes more than just engaging in the study of linguistics.
Semantics. Or semiotics.
The fluidity, malleability of language transports us to new places.
It’s precisely the absence of easy business language markers that makes this whole business approach unique and challenging.
It contains everything. The impulse. The breath. The sound.

The development of a new language of love and wholeness in business is aligned with our understanding that all aspects of business are inter-connected. Reflected in our way of being.
Precipitating new tongue twisters. Mind benders. Fresh portals.
Developed out of a need to anchor a voice that includes. All of us.

A revealer

Mastery goes beyond words.
It’s a matter of articulating soul in business.
Being, just being, makes second sight available.

Research corroborates that language shifts make a difference in how we experience ourselves, others and the world we live in.
How do we convey the whole and the parts, the one and the many, identity and difference?

We can gain a lot by learning how to develop powerful new ways of thinking.
To radically change our thinking models, we need wisdom language to get them across.
It is no longer a question of improving our vocabularies. Discovering new terms.
Learning commonly-used business idioms, or enhancing terminologies.

Our connection to our own knowing and creativity has been left out.
Evidence of a forgotten identity.
A dead language. An extinguished voice.
Losing sight of consciousness. Of the whole.
Our emotional, intuitive, and inner selves needing to be re-activated and made welcome.

We are the ones being transformed.
Language is shaping us. Not the other way around.
Profoundly impacting how we translate, inter-relate.
What is emerging is a comprehensive communication system.

A bigger picture is coming into focus. Subtle. Vivid. Powerful.

A conductor

We see that who we are, and how we are, is making a difference.
In our communities and outside of them.

It’s as if the language of the heart is provoking us into action.
Taking hold of our imaginations and providing us with new metaphors, symbols.
New ways of intra-messaging.
Catching the wind between our words. Interpreting our silences.
Listening to who we are becoming.
Conducting our collective narrative.

In the end, are we sculpting language or is it forging us?

The language of wholeness is playing us. Touching our imaginations.
Emitting a new signal. Borrowing our thoughts.
So it can resonate.

Our blind spot is in thinking that language is only words.

How does language play through you?

“Someday, we’ll be able to measure the power of words. I think they are things. They get on the walls. They get in your wallpaper. They get in your rugs, in your upholstery, and your clothes, and finally in to you.”  Maya Angelou