Knowing in business

When we talk about the “knowledge revolution” a few things come to mind.
Logic, world-wide technology and mass communication.
Instantaneous and inexhaustible sources of information.
A global library at our fingertips. 24-7. All the facts we could possibly want.
About anything, including business.

For many of us, the ease of accessing knowledge feeds our insatiable appetite for more.


We easily turn ourselves over to the power of experts and the impact of external messaging. Sometimes, indiscriminately.
We have also come to believe that by accumulating more knowledge, we can solve all our problems. It’s like being on speed dial.

We live in a culture that prizes knowledge highly.
That values personal success over group achievement.
Facts and numbers have become our baseline.
There is no denying that applying rational thinking when gathering information, processing data, and creating solutions with consistency, is effective in any business.

Inner knowing

In conscious business, we recognize that developing the intuition is as important as using the intellect.
In fact, it is a powerful tool in making any business decision.
Intuition is the most unexplored and untapped resource from which to better understand ourselves in business.

It puts us in touch with our environment and the human side of things.
The more caring, nurturing, heart-centered aspect of business has been missing for far too long.
Intuition is the ability to identify patterns based on our lived experience.
It’s the skill to gauge what information feels right. Aligned, relevant and useful.

This is more than just a gut reaction.
It is a competency in learning to respond to what is in front of us from a calm, balanced. centered perspective.
It allows us to speak from our hearts, not just report from our heads.

It strengthens our interactions.
Allows us to lead from a place of integrity, empathy and authenticity.
Building trust and confidence.
Bringing clarity.


Wisdom is to find our own inner guide.  This is being valued more and more in business today.
Awareness and inspiration come from this inner place.
Innovation and co-creation.
Imagination and insight.

In essence, it’s simple.
Neither intuition nor intellect will be as effective as they can be, without the other.
There is no either/or here.
By introducing intuitive knowing into business, we are assured of wholeness.

Simply put, knowledge with knowing is more than just a database.
It gives it life.
Knowing with knowledge offers meaning and purpose.
Taking us to coherence.

Intuition is about sourcing our inner knowing. Through our being.
Brings us directly to the heart… of our business.
Unifies our experiences. Injects purpose into our actions.
And takes us to new and unknown places.

While sparking the soul, it is even practical.

The intellect acquires knowledge through out-sourcing.
Requires using our minds.
We can say that knowledge is pragmatic, practical, information-driven, detail-oriented and accessed outside of ourselves.
Culturally, knowledge is about anchoring, upholding the “status quo.” With hard facts.


Our inner knowing in-forms our outer actions.
And knowledge that comes from the outside creates deeper meaning and knowing inside.
Pairing inner confidence and assertiveness with clear decision-making.
A win-win situation.  Mutuality.
Allowing for a balanced approach to business.

A way to better pivot as we navigate these unusual times.
And transition into a new way of being and doing in business.

What we’re proposing is that cultivating a strong intuitive ability, if used well, is an invaluable tool for all business owners.

It’s not just about how you think.
It’s about trusting your intuition and creating a new relationship with what you think.

How do the gifts of intuition make themselves known to you?

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”  Steve Jobs