Inside the heart of conversation

We are spending countless hours a day talking to each other on the internet.
New forms of technology and ways of interacting in business have shifted how we connect.
As our communications speed up, we are flooded with incessant streams of information.
Like hamsters on a wheel, our exchanges can become repetitive and unfulfilling.
Many of our messages remain under-appreciated or simply unreceived.

Reclaiming time and space

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re yearning to slow things down in your busy work day. Give yourself a break.
To better process what you’re doing. Give yourself time to think. Breathe.
Or maybe you’re trying to remember when you last had time to reflect on something that mattered to you.
Perhaps, you’re looking to take a moment to consciously plan your next steps in a project with colleagues or co-workers.

In the third space, we care deeply about reclaiming time and providing space to think about how to transform business for the better.
We recognize that we need a different kind/level of consciousness to do this.
This is why we created Conscious Business Conversations.

Entering field

We invite you to open your heart and your mind and feel your way into a Conscious Business Conversation.
Right here. Right now.
Simply let go of all the tensions in your body. Quiet your mind. Relax.
Begin to sense how this exercise feels.
Listen and follow the energy…

Begin with several rounds of deep breathing and notice yourself easing into a slower, steadier rhythm. Feel your mind letting go as your thoughts become less persistent. Become aware of your physical field.
How far does it extend? What is its sphere of influence? To what degree can you feel it?
Radiate light around you.

Pause in this moment.

Now focus on your emotions. Enter your world of relationships.
How does this field express the qualities of your heart?
Can you feel its rhythm?
How does right relationship show up in your life?
Radiate from the heart.

Pause in this moment.

Now turn your attention to your mind.
How do your thoughts affect others around you?
How do you respond to outer influences?
To what extent do you reflect mental clarity in your daily business dealings?
Receive the hidden impression of an idea and radiate it into your environment. Even if it is unformed.

Pause in this moment.

Group consciousness

Now enter a larger group field and become aware of how you are adjusting the edges of your own personal field. Stay with this sensation.
Adapt so that you can retain a solid personal boundary while you open yourself, to the group’s heartbeat. Note the rhythm of your breath as you expand into it.
Now allow your consciousness to presence the group.
Slowly tune and harmonize to this unified group heart.
Imagine a brilliant point of light above the group. See this as a symbol of the group’s wisdom.
See this wisdom infuse the group and strengthen it. Feel yourself as group.
Radiate group wisdom as widely as you can.
Feel the energetic quality of the space expand.

Pause in this moment.

Make note of how this silence naturally takes you into heart coherence and collective field awareness.
Become aware of how you have naturally stepped into what is called WE-space.

Pause in this moment.

This is one example of how we prepare to enter a conscious conversation.

In our next blog we will take you further into the exploration of a Conscious Business Conversation

How do you prepare yourself before you enter a business conversation?

The truth is that the group is an entity that is much fuller than an individual can ever be….
the group heart is composed of blending the hearts of all group members, and so is the group mind
a synchronization of the minds of all group members…” Uta Gabay