Inner wisdom in business

In these times of hyper-individualism and self-reliance, in business, it is hard to reconcile ourselves to the fact that we need to develop an inner approach.
Our need for getting on with things, right now, is paradoxically standing in our way.
Blocking our progress.

Even though we are more digitally connected than ever before, many of us are disconnecting. Not only from each other but from ourselves.
In our isolation, we don’t know how to relate to the chaotic world around us, anymore. Let alone each other.
Our deepest longing is to achieve peace and harmony. To be held and supported.
But there seems to be an absence of manuals and instructions.

Conscious group development

In conscious business, we begin our work from an inner focus.
And intentionally move outward.
From the point to the periphery.
Enlarging our circles, one ring at a time.
From the personal, to the interpersonal.
And into the transpersonal.
We work with energy systems.
As they show up in conscious group development.

Just as there is an interior journey for each of us, there is similar work to be done in our businesses, as well.
In establishing an inner structure with its own intrinsic vitality, we are able to create a powerful magnetic field. For innovative ideas. Deeper wisdom.

Here we choose to be. To interact.
As collaborators, contributors, co-creators.
With specific roles. And functions.
Re-sourcing each other. Actively sharing. And receiving.
Reciprocating. Committed to each other’s well-being.
Experiencing the inner dynamics of group.

Thinking as a collective

Presence is the biggest gift we can give each other.
Through reflection. Contemplation. Wondering. Discovering, together.
We see what is below the surface.
Noticing things, we haven’t seen before.
Subtle signs. Synchronicities. Patterns.
Merging and emerging.

Combining our wills for positive action in the world, we recognize that each one of us brings a facet of the whole, often unseen by everyone else.
Opening new channels of communication.
Contacting a larger field of consciousness.

Awakening the heart in business.
is our way cultivating an inner orientation.
Leading from within.
From a place of higher consciousness. Of intuition.

Tuning to group wisdom

An extensive inner guide.

The best way we know of getting to the truth.
Consistently and reliably helping us make the right decision.
In taking another bold step forward.
From inner source. To outer transformation.

One business at a time.


How could developing inner group work and collective wisdom help your business in these times?

Individually, we are a drop. Together, we are an ocean.” Ryunosuke Satoro