In-visioning values

A vast array of values inventories can be found online.
Designed to help us identify different types and levels of values.
Many exist to help us find our way.
Potential roadmaps as we encounter challenging circumstances.

There are four main types of values in organizational contexts: individual, relational, organizational and societal.
Some values are circumstantial. Contingent on what is trending right now.
Others are based on personal needs and desires.
Or reflect on how we show up in our businesses, as members of our larger communities. In the world.
Knowing our values is beneficial. It is a path to self-knowledge.

Chances are that you’ve already tried at least a few of these values tools.
We invite you to temporarily set aside everything you have encountered in previous values assessment exercises.
And begin to explore a different set of values that embody “consciousness” in business.

The values practice we are engaged in is one where we include a value system that has been dormant.
On which all others rest.
Intended to bring us into direct awareness of our essence.
The process of “sighting” our inner values rests in recognizing that they are directly related to our state of being, our inner consciousness.

Inner values arise through contemplation.
Accessed through our very own inner wisdom.
The deciphering of our soul’s code. Beyond ego. Transcending the physical.

An inner scaffolding

Clarifying our inner values compels us to an inward journey that takes intention and reflection.

It is a journey into what has often felt unknownable.
The discovery is that our inner values arise from within.
They are interrelated, interconnected. Generative. Life’s imprints.
Becoming our first line of reference.
Imbuing our lives with purposeful meaning.

Every day we face multiple choices at all levels of our being.
Physical, emotional, mental.
Imagine that all these decisions are being guided by this inner values systems.
An interior scaffolding.
A foundational support mechanism that helps us track our actions from the inside out.

From an evolutionary perspective, intuition-based decision-making is increasingly being used as we evolve to higher levels of consciousness.
Basically, influencing every aspect of our lives, to a greater or lesser extent.
Depending on our own level of consciousness.
Through an inner values lens.

The practice of awakening love in business is possible because of the radical realization that once we tap into our stable inner source we are capable of transforming business.
It is possible to actually practice heart consciousness by putting our inner values to work.
When we know who we truly are, we discover that we are able to transform business through intuition and insight.
Through effortless action.

A reflective practice

We invite you to try this little experiment as a practice, for ten minutes at the end of your day.

Sit quietly, take a breath and pause.

Bring your body, feelings and mind to a quiet place. And ground yourself within your own being.

Now review your day’s activities and experiences.

Slowly focus your attention on the quality of the experiences and interactions you have had today. Without judgment. Without analyzing.

Just sensing the energies that have been present throughout your day.

Notice how you feel inside.

As you continue to explore more deeply, note the values that have been at play during your day.

As you rest in your heart, let your intuition inform you of the inner values that bubble up to the surface.

Stay with the impressions, sensations, the emerging thoughts that are coming through.

Discovering soul’s code

As these arise, make a mental note and quickly jot them down on a piece of paper.

  • Which inner values have supported your behaviors, your actions today?
  • What value patterns and clusters become visible?
  • How do they correlate to your decision-making?

If you are able to do this, a few times a week to start with, you may find that a portal begins to open.
A window into your soul.
Your inner source of knowing where new depths of understanding and infinite potential exist.

When we learn how to embrace the depth of who and what we really are, we begin to transform into a living expression of our deeper values.
We are empowered to instantaneously discern right action and spontaneously take effective decisions without premeditation.

What’s more, we discover that this vaster set of soul values already contains most of the extraordinary abilities and capacities most of us are working so hard to develop.

By dropping deeply into our hearts, we find our soul’s values.

A limitless reservoir of aspiration, inspiration. Of love and wisdom.

What values support your decision-making?

Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.” Elvis Presley