in this very moment

polishing the lens
on a daring radical experiment
in business

capturing images
internal workings
viewing the optics

revealing a r-esolutionary
depth of field
where light flows

ready to see

seeking the unseen
harbinger of the unknown
scanning for the synchronous

stretching our retinas
for consonant words
for things un-observed

at the edges of all there is
sensing the some-thing
sharpening our anticipation

alive with images

of love in business
as we welcome
each other back

as makers of intention
looking forward to seasons
where we bow

to our impulses
as collaborators
as life-givers

beyond the horizons

of our own imagination
were we speak the uncomfortable
in search of the possible

with uncommon sensitivity
nested layers of meaning

mirroring back
seeds of a story
with no known vocabularies

opening the portal
how the heart is capable

re-shaping business
into the love poem of our times

“Have you noticed that the time to look for the best things in people is the moment of their greatest need?”
Walt Whitman

What do you look for in people as you go about your business day?