In the InterBlog this week, we feature a poem from the introduction of Ervin Laszlo’s book,¬†Science and the Akashic Field.

sail with me on a quiet pond.
The shores are shrouded,
the surface smooth.
We are vessels on the pond
and we are one with the pond.

A fine wake spreads out behind us,
traveling throughout the misty waters.
Its subtle waves register our passage.

Your wake and mine coalesce,
they form a pattern that mirrors
your movement as well as mine.
As other vessels, who are also us,
sail the pond that is us as well,
their waves intersect with both of ours.
The pond’s surface comes alive
with wave upon wave, ripple upon ripple.
They are the memory of our movement;
the traces of our being.

The waters whisper from you to me and from me to you,
and from both of us to all the others who sail the pond:

Our separateness is an illusion;
we are interconnected parts of the whole-
we are a pond with movement and memory.
Our reality is larger than you and me,
and all the vessels that sail the waters,
and all the waters on which they sail.

Laszlo, Ervin, Science and the Akashic Field. Inner Traditions. Rochester, Vermont. 2007.