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Evolutionary attunement

Evolutionary attunement As we awaken to a higher level of consciousness, there is no greater quality than presencing from the heart. In knowing it, in ourselves. Reflecting it, in each other. Relational co-evolution. Wholeness. In leadership. Strong. Powerful. Kind. Compassionate. Highly tuned. How often do you follow your heart in business? "Your vision will become [...]

New beginnings

New beginnings We couldn’t step into the New Year without sending you a message of thanks and huge gratitude. From our hearts to yours. To put things in perspective, despite a year like no other, we have shone brightly, together. We have done amazing work, as a new community. What seemed impossible, has become reality. [...]

Emerging sounds

Emerging sounds Love in Business Resonating from our hearts to yours We’re delighted to share the highlights of our collaborative birthing! This year we have come to Life. We have encountered and co-created. We have Learned. Lived. Experienced. Experimented. And most of all loved. Together! Love in Business: a radical idea whose time has come [...]

All our relations

All our relations Six degrees of separation. The 6 degrees theory says that everyone on this planet is on average only six acquaintances or 7 virtual handshakes from any other human being. One degree away from everyone we know, two steps away from who our friends know. And on it goes. Reaching outward. Building networks. [...]

Limitless Capacity

Limitless Capacity The word capacity came up in one of our group conversations, lately. Which got us thinking about how this term applies in a conscious business context. Many interpretations. Connotations. Inferences. Skills and capacities. Learned and innate. Capacities re-memorialized. Re-discovered. Surfacing revealing questions. What do we mean by developing capacity in a conscious business [...]