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loving essence in business

loving essence in business Light shining from within. Our essence... loving essence. Yours and mine. Ever present.  Always shining. Our essential nature is Love. An invitation.  An act of leadership. Seeing the loving essence. Within self.  Within others. Opening hearts.  Deep listening. Connecting with the light within. 'Being' in business. What does your heart (your [...]

clear to receive

clear to receive Awareness in the moment.   Open to receive... Creative flow New thought forms Purpose-inspired actions   We are each receivers and transmitters of life through our own unique expressions. Transforming lives, groups, and collectives.   Trust... Fully present Receptive Intentions blossom   Listen deeply... Awareness expands... We are love in action. How [...]

the art of inquiry

the art of inquiry By JoY, writer from thethirdspace community Everyday images and sounds of devastation from around the globe open our hearts and senses to desperate circumstances of people we have never met. Feelings of compassion and empathy grow strong and when the mechanism is in place, we send support of any kind in [...]

perfectly imperfect

perfectly imperfect   A great transformation is underway in our world. It is a reminder that the principles of transformation are the same for individuals, groups, and businesses. We create and direct our outer life through becoming aware of our inner life. Through exploring beliefs and ideas, releasing distorted perceptions or perspectives, and realizing new [...]

clarity in the third space

Clarity in the third space In the third space, we are expanding heart connection in business. The essence of who we are becoming emerges from collective stories, visions, dreams, expressions, and actions. Who we are together The third space is a space of deep listening and connectivity, We take a deep breath and see more clearly. [...]