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Transforming learning in business

Transforming learning in business learning for each other a cloud of knowing mutualistic, altruistic, pluralistic catalyzing, precipitating thought powerful new conditions finding voice in the sharing drawing on a common pool of wisdom changing the culture of business intentional action cooperative expression co-creative practice loving contribution, reflective engagement a culture of learning making things better [...]

trans positional

trans positional between and betwixt accelerating, leveraging intersecting, straddling dichotomies, paradigms, several realities sculpting community collective experiencing dissolution, reorganization new affinities, relationships sharing ethos, hearts, minds compassing coordinates purposive force holographic participation perceived, received liberated, expanded configuring circle collectivized personhood beings of benefit turning points, flooding ripples vortices connecting inside and outside wholeness awaring transitions [...]

Engaging action

Engaging action sun burning on water fire raging in our bellies our future hanging in the balance the urgency of releasing frayed work patterns speaking from courage, persistence, resilience Earth arising through our bodies, our hearts, our minds growing inner radiance fueled by soul force wisdom comes through us making way for love in business [...]

something to be done

something to be done pausing, resting in the awareness of awarenesses flash of lightning releasing rigidity, sparking genius mind opening into the universe evoking light-filled glimpses connecting the luminous liberating insights, proliferating visions geyser surfacing the radical nature of what is expanding the small into the all big thinking, airy and graceful layers ready to [...]

worldly winds

worldly winds navigating binaries, pairs and opposites when pulled together not so far apart sensing the knowable a key to understanding on the breath of loving kindness touching chords of deeper wisdom rising and falling reflecting on the wings of change ways to perceive to consciously engage in business seeing what is happening re-coding our [...]

More than a gesture

more than a gesture collective narratives of presence standing with listening for willing to see acknowledging educating ourselves beyond narrow understandings accurately recalling, witnessing seeking new and higher forms of expression adjusting our reading leading by example relating all things a synthetic vision, harmony and peace stitching points of connection inter-meaning collaboration makes a difference [...]