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labor of love

labor of love as you re-orient to this new world play with the evolutionary urge pulsing through you open the dam meet the changes feel the electric shockwaves as they light up your very nature presence love suspend judgment untether un-essentials stimulate unadorned truth open your eyes to the fierceness of inner growth allow it [...]

whisper of awareness

whisper of awareness look… into the depths of your own being and as you linger there …notice the whisper of awareness arising greet… its essence and the gift it is wanting to reveal to you let it quietly nestle inside you … watch as it takes refuge in your core observe… how love is quietly awakening [...]

have you noticed?

have you noticed? stories are in flux right now ranging … wild as we un-think to better sense our way chaos is favoring our synthesis... as we fall away and come back together unpicking our brains seemingly held together by a minute fragile thread do you hear? a story we can all agree on binding [...]

high light

high light paying attention to internal codes spotlighting universal values fundamental rights searing reflections of truth to power proclaiming life widening the search intensifying brightness beneath the conflict a golden thread of rich wisdom awakening us into the vortex of a rising vision to the fiery seeds of hope orbiting in our hearts crossing distances [...]

in this very moment

in this very moment polishing the lens on a daring radical experiment in business capturing images internal workings viewing the optics revealing a r-esolutionary depth of field where light flows ready to see seeking the unseen harbinger of the unknown scanning for the synchronous stretching our retinas for consonant words for things un-observed at the [...]