Heart Notes

We are grateful for your kind words.

The Conscious Business Conversation was very meaningful and insightful.
Very moving to share deep feelings and thoughts with people I didn’t know and after 90 minutes feel part of the group.
Very grateful for this opportunity and the loving space you create.
Thank you so much Kim and Anne

The Conscious Business Conversation was spacious, wise, and loving.
Placing the image and seed thought onto the screen during the call gave the sense of another aspect of presence.

Thank you Anne & Kim, for all you are and all you do.
May we continue to co-create as a contribution to a new future for humanity.

Wonderful satsang today, disguised as “business”!

Much appreciation for your big hearts, beautiful presence and enlightened intent.
Manifesting with purpose…moment to moment.

I loved participating and being present for the wonderful energy and learning of your group.

I adore the space. I trust in the unfolding and overflow.
In gratitude for the experience and depth of holding presence.
I’m transforming. Experiencing new roots of manifestation.

The Third Space with Kim and Anne, what a rich, abundant source of presence, authenticity and heart.
Rarely applied to a business roundtable.
I always look forward to the conscious conversations that emerge which are stimulating, and inspirational.
It deepens my own self inquiry and as a corporate coach, supports all of my work.
Much gratitude to The Third Space and I would highly recommend attending as a gift to yourself!

Being present from the heart in the third space means that I allow myself the freedom to gather information from all access points available to me… emotions, senses, instinct, mental, circumstances, memories.

In the third space, I access ideas and wisdom never before known to me. There is a distinct release of energy and feeling of expansion in the group mind. My experience is that when there is heart coherence, the group energy facilitates creative bursts in the members present.

I want to thank you for co-creating the third space with our team.
Personally, feeling and sensing each individual and the group together was powerful and moving.
The reverberations of the sound bowls and ‘to be love’ have stayed with me.
It was wonderful for everyone to experience dialogue in such a loving and supportive way – while addressing some key topics in our group and sharing your own vision and ‘advice’.  I am very grateful.

Your loving presence resonated with me and makes my heart smile at the energy, awareness and alignment of thought for our dialogue group.
Your space holding and heart-centered folkalizing created an energized space holding container.
Thank you for the gifts.

Your consistency of showing up and producing quality programming stood out for me.
My poetic heart was incredibly enlivened and in joy from the weekly poetry contributions.
Teaching wisdom through poetry seems a really good way to bring group into coherence.

The group presence created through the video access was always palpable, always surprising me.

Thank you so much for all your magic.
Your love calling me in, aiding me again and again.
Reminding me how dearly the Universe is there Loving.
Loving us all.

Thank you for an exceptional time today.
All that you share is beautiful and transformative.
I sense we are in a very special place before we say goodbye- and are even reluctant to leave the space.

As a result of my experiences, in Conscious Business Conversations, the third space community, and the rich experiences inspired by the second Love in Business course Wisdom in Business, I have deepened my ability to participate more consciously in a Co-creative group experience.
I have honed my skill to perceive inside the group space.
For me, there has been a shift, it seems there is new wisdom.

To distill it to its essence, connecting with you and our Love in Business compatriots….it’s the “satsang” of it…truth sharing.
The power of our group becomes alive and palpable.
Much appreciation for your heart centered stewardship.

This was the most exquisite experience of love I’ve experienced yet in my life I do believe.
Thank you.