Heart 2 Heart

With world events as they are unfolding, we are being called to awaken to a higher state of consciousness.

To an awareness of our interconnection. Of how we depend on each other for our existence. And to our fragility in these times of unrest.

Of how we affect one another, even with one small action.

The butterfly effect

This is not an abstract idea.

It is a simple acknowledgment that we are part of something larger than ourselves.

We are witnessing how a new awareness is gaining traction and momentum in businesses all over the globe.

Something more far-reaching is underway.

With the view of radicalizing and accelerating a systemic transformation.

Revolutionizing how we collaborate

As we grow conscious businesses that are of benefit to all people and stay within the means of our living planet.

We have tended to keep our inner development in a separate compartment.

We are now being tested. Thrust into fusing our inner and outer selves into a new reality.

This constitutes a revolution in our understanding of the central place business occupies in this change.

It is an uncanny feeling of being present at our own undoing.

At the realization that we are bumping up against ourselves, for the first time.

Our rebirth

The phoenix is rising.

In the past week, businesses all over the world have come together to form coalitions, affiliations.

To affirm a new social contract.

It is gaining traction. Greater resonance everywhere.

We are living in a time of unthinkable change.

Forcing us into a revolution in human thought.

Changing our relationship with each other

In awakening the heart in business.

In reclaiming a vision of a new culture we can co-create together, grounded in love.

The answers lie within.


What are you noticing?

Revolutions do not happen only in grand moments in public view, but also in small pockets of people coming together to inhabit a new way of being.”Valarie Kaur