have you noticed?

stories are in flux right now
ranging … wild
as we un-think
to better sense our way

chaos is favoring our synthesis…

as we fall away
and come back together
unpicking our brains
seemingly held together
by a minute fragile thread

do you hear?

a story we can all agree on
binding us tightly
a spontaneous note
arising out of
our imaginations

as we become the ears of the universe…

we bear wonder and heartbreak
in this season of our life
the nobility of presence
helping us to symphonize
a common future

can you imagine?

electrifying, unifying
inner-stories of the soul
the real … the authentic
the only constant
always adjusting … re-focusing

simply being in this moment…

wise, vivid and luminous
the everyday magic
of capacious hearts
in states of wakefulness

what is there for us to see?

a dusting of collective intelligence
showering us with
the essential quality of love
experienced with fierce totality

so subtle, almost indecipherable…

chosen by evolution
we are being entrusted
with updating and renewing
our tenuous systems

what next?

as we reach into a silent place
for a greater light of understanding…
scanning for inner peace
lying in wait
behind our outer trappings

we sense the germ of a new thoughtform come into being…

with presence
persistence and grace…
we come face-to-face
with reality
on its own terms

as we remember…the heart of love

What is next for you in these deeply changing times?

“When you look into life, into every single person, into every single event, what you really see is yourself.” Michael Singer