altitude of inner prosperity:
a posture to emulate in business
appreciation, acknowledgment
recognition, reconnection
truth and reconciliation

finding gold:
magnifying the good
a potent sense of beauty
savoring the moment
harmonizing memories

thanks giving

you never do it alone:
uncontrived, natural
free from artifice – just being
plain and simple
straight from the heart

a beckoning space:
the glass half full, an enchanted place
alive with love and longing
a portal for finding grace
making positive impact on the wider culture

in appreciation

the silver lining:
it’s never too late
for seeing each other
emitting grateful-ness
grounding communitas

like a sand mandala:
holding the sacred
enlivening our life’s work
fortifying something beautiful
of enduring relevance: love in business

What do you consider to be of enduring relevance in your business?

Gratefulness is an internal experience. It’s an orientation to life… that emanates from within. It’s a way that we can greet life…it’s proactive, available to us, no matter our circumstances, no matter our conditions, in any moment… it really connects to life itself.” Kristi Nelson