Expanding heart connection in business

To us, the third space community is a living being.

Our philosophy is that we exist because of who we are, together.
Through sharing and caring.
By providing a mirror for each other.
In the recognition that we flourish to the degree that those around us do so, as well.

We see ourselves as a field of composite energies with a common goal: awakening the heart in business.
With its myriad configurations.
What emerges from our collective stories, visions, dreams, expressions and actions is the essence of who we are be-coming.
How we do things, together.
We place great value in this dynamic relationship.

Seeds of Change

The third space community is an environment in which our energies percolate, co-mingle and evolve.
A place where we stimulate new thought, expand our minds and activate qualities and capacities that live inside us.
Those that might not otherwise be stirred up, when working by ourselves.
If we look more closely, we can notice seeds of change appearing.
In us, through us, all around us.
In our own community.

The success of our Conscious Business Conversations has shown us that when we engage as a community, our potential to create, inform and learn is exponential.
We have been building bandwidth as conscious business change agents.
Increasing our impact as we fine hone the quality of our resonance.


The InterBlog is a companion piece that goes hand in hand with our HeartLink 2 Biz posts.
Interweaving and enriching our modes of communication.
Further aligning and integrating the third space collective.
A means to reach out to other individuals, groups and organizations by co-authoring a broader story of Love in Business.

Our intention with the InterBlog is to initiate a conscious business incubator where we can explore and make meaning, together.
We see it as an art gallery, a research lab, an innovation centre and a resource bank.
As an entry into inner worlds and a connecting point for outer networks.
A heart center for conscious business.

Conscious Communication

Our vision is to build a reservoir of conscious business wisdom through a multiplicity of forms.
As we work alongside conscious business practitioners of all ages.
Interweaving and transforming business communication from many sources.
In a deliberate act of co-creation.

Striking a balance between providing a safe space where you can post your cutting-edge ideas, creations, passions and bold messages.
Finding new intersections between business and consciousness, the arts, culture, language, science and technology.

A place where we come to cross-pollinate.
Knowing that you’re not alone in how you see the world.
Inter-connecting on all levels.
Held and valued within a community of the heart
As we address some of the most urgent business questions of our time.

Finding our collective voice

The Interblog is dedicated to those of you trying to find a renewed sense of purpose in today’s ever- changing business landscape.
This is also our way to honor the diversity of voices present in our third space community.
If there was ever a time when we need to presence each other, to bear witness, to bring out the best in each other, it is now.
Our greatest hope is to amplify our voices and our possibilities.
This is an invitation to inhabit the New Story of Business.
Conscious Business.

How do you expand heart connection in your own business?

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”   Ghandi