enter the third space


It was while reading an article written by Andrew Marantz in the New Yorker magazine, that I first ran across the inspiration for “a third space” in business.


At the time, Kim & I were in the early stages of designing our website and experiential learning platform.


We were exploring how best to create an evocative experience, a field of inner resonance that would attract conscious business professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents and transport them into a contemplative environment, a silent space of the heart, amidst the growing noise and confusion of the marketplace.


Some of the points raised by Marantz fed right into questions we had been pondering:


  • What would we call this place where heart, mind and soul can intersect, in business?
  • How would we create an inner-focused business community, akin to a spiritual sangha?
  • What would an inner to outer journey look like, in this space?


The article presenced a line of thought that affirmed some of our own intuitive findings.  I could see our own unique story emerge, finding its place amidst a developing meta-narrative that goes something like this…


…there is a “dawning consciousness emerging in business” where business leaders everywhere are looking for places where they can work stuff out, not in their boardrooms… and not in public… in a third space.


And there it was, a perfect connection created between spirituality’s field of consciousness and it’s parallel universe the thirdspace, in business.


This is how thethirdspace.us appeared, circling back to our deep inner purpose, where together, we transform business by awakening the heart.


Revealing itself from the inside out.


With love and gratitude, Anne


How do you experience thethirdspace in business?


“Liminal spaces are…a space where genuine newness can begin…a sacred space where the old world is able to fall apart, and a bigger world is revealed. ” Richard Rhor