Engaging action

sun burning on water
fire raging in our bellies
our future
hanging in the balance

the urgency of releasing frayed work patterns
speaking from courage, persistence, resilience
Earth arising
through our bodies, our hearts, our minds

growing inner radiance
fueled by soul force
wisdom comes through us
making way for love in business


restoring us to our authentic natural selves
empowering us
to radical interdependence
to the knowledge of our interbeing

re-sensitizing us to all dimensions of life
enlivening spirit
building bridges
of compassion, wisdom, in-sight


in the fabric of light
even the smallest action is reflected
into the sheer miracle of life

awakening us to a time for gathering
inviting extensions of who we are becoming
being evolved
standing in the revealing, together

making ceremony, breathing as one
wholly embracing the freedom
to shift our times
to fully embody our home

What kind of eco-spiritual systems are you evolving in your own business?

“We are all part of a vast web. The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.” – Joanna Macy