Emerging sounds

Love in Business
Resonating from our hearts to yours

We’re delighted to share the highlights of our collaborative birthing!
This year we have come to Life. We have encountered and co-created.
We have Learned. Lived. Experienced. Experimented.
And most of all loved.

Love in Business: a radical idea whose time has come

Our approach is to make a difference.
By pioneering an inner to outer mindset.
Together, we are transforming business by awakening the heart.
Love is our fundamental guiding principle.
How we interact with our hearts in all aspects of our work, is affecting our business and is allowing us to become the change, ourselves.
While we can’t change the past, we have the power to shift how we experience the
present…and how we co-create a future that is in the interest of everyone, not just a few.
The time has come for us to recalibrate, to reconsider how we do business, and to embrace a more connected, conscious way of being in business.
Connecting business, one heart at a time.

The gift: Nothing “out there” is a better confidence-builder than acting from the heart.

Seeing from the inside out: finding a new center of gravity

Our moment to take a deeper look inside business. At its raw underbelly. By turning it upside down. Inside out.
To re-assess where we are and where we need to go.
We have been experimenting with an inner to outer orientation.
Setting trailblazing directions.
Experiencing a new way of being and doing. Weaving with inner and outer strands.

The gift: Everything we have done is enriched by parallel lenses. We have learned that our inner vision in-forms our outer expression.

Creating a resonant field: the note of being in business

Cultivating a new hierarchy of inner values. And a conscious ethic.
Introducing new business principles, values, practices and developing new capacities.
Establishing a heart-centered and soul-focused culture.
A wider aperture from which to evolve a new way of ‘being’ in business.
Recalibrating our sense of value.
Proposing a new “universal set of values” that integrates love-wisdom as a generative function for a new humanity.
With an emphasis on the greater good.
By putting ourselves on the hook. Trusting in the process. Finding a common note.

The gift: We explore a different set of values that embody “consciousness” in business. An inner scaffolding. That helps us track our actions from the inside out.

Energy follows thought: it’s not just a saying

As we think in our hearts, so are we…becoming love in business.
We are what we practice.
Thought behind words. Love in action.
As we step into the heart and out of our individual active busy thinking patterns,
we begin to feel something happen. Taking form. Sensing an aliveness.
A seed thought is taking shape.
We are witnessing a growing trend in how spirituality and business intersect and inform each other.
Where attention and intention are directly related to our state of being, our inner consciousness.
It’s a matter of articulating soul in business.
It’s not just about how we think.
It’s about trusting our intuition and creating a new relationship with what we think.
Learning to respond to what is in front of us from a calm, balanced. centered perspective. Passage to clear thinking. To our inner heart.
Into the essence of who we are.

The gift: A different way of seeing, hearing and sensing takes us to a new-found heart coherence. Uncovering the power behind our thinking.

Presence is the biggest gift we can give each other

Through silence and quieting the mind, stillness appears as we collectively hold it.
We can hear this stillness as it becomes part of the words spoken.
This is how the subtle and invisible layers of a conversation surface and take form.
Anchored in and expressed through us. The unseen becomes the seen. And the said.
The inside makes its way to the outside, in a timely and organic way. In holding presence and allowing our intuitive listening to kick in, different thought patterns start to align and synchronize.
The exchanges invite deeper layers of collaboration and genuinely celebrate gifts and contributions from others.
A calm mind leads to an expansive heart.
Sometimes it only takes one small shift for us to see things differently.
To help us think in wider terms.
To perceive life from a different angle. To re-engage.
A form of contemplation. Of recording the sacred.

The gift: Just as there is an interior journey for each of us, there is similar work to be done in our businesses.
In establishing presence, we are able to create a powerful magnetic field. For innovative ideas. Deeper wisdom. Self-discipline.
Knowing that this is where our true answers lie.

Developing our Intuition is key to this journey

Developing our intuition in business is the most important work we will do to advance conscious business practices.
In the third space, we call it working from the “inner boardroom”.
Intuition is our consciousness speaking to us.
When we open our heart, our view broadens. By 359 degrees.
By trusting our own inner teacher, our innate wisdom guides us.
In conscious business, developing the intuition is as important as using the intellect.
In fact, it is a powerful tool in making any business decision.
Intuition is the most unexplored and untapped resource from which to better understand ourselves in business. 
The more caring, nurturing, heart-centered aspect of business has been missing.
It’s the skill to gauge what information feels right. Aligned, relevant and useful.
It strengthens our interactions.
Allows us to lead from a place of integrity, empathy and authenticity.
Building trust and confidence.
Bringing clarity.

The gift: An intuitive approach helps us to reduce our assumptions.
To temper our intolerance. Our knee-jerk reactions. We are learning to listen more deeply, hear between the notes, observe, notice and communicate from a place of inclusion. Lead from generosity and integrity. And yes, from a thriving mindset.

Bringing our whole selves to work: it’s not a myth

Neither intuition nor intellect will be as effective as they can be, without the other.
There is no either/or here.
By introducing intuitive knowing into business, we are assured of wholeness. Simply put, knowledge with knowing is more than just a database.
It gives it life.
Knowing with knowledge offers meaning and purpose. Taking us to coherence.
Intuition is about sourcing our inner knowing. Through our being.
Brings us directly to the heart… of our business.
Unifies our experiences. The intellect acquires knowledge through out-sourcing.
Requires using our minds.
We can say that knowledge is pragmatic, practical, information-driven, detail-oriented and accessed outside of ourselves.
Culturally, knowledge is about anchoring, upholding the “status quo.” With hard facts.
Our inner knowing in-forms our outer actions.
And knowledge that comes from the outside creates deeper meaning and knowing inside.
Pairing inner confidence and assertiveness with clear decision-making.
A win-win situation.  Mutuality.
Allowing for a balanced approach to business. Wholeness.

The gift: When we separate the personal from the professional, we only operate at half capacity. 

Community deeply matters: our work is exponential

Working in the field of we-space or group consciousness is an evolutionary new technique.
Making the leap from the individual to the collective.
Group consciousness is a new quality of consciousness.
It only begins to make a significant difference when it is shared, intra and inter-subjectively, between two or more people, in small groups, in the collective.
To us, the third space community is a living being. Our philosophy is that we exist because of who we are, together.
Through sharing and caring.
By providing a mirror for each other.
In the recognition that we flourish to the degree that those around us do so, as well. We see ourselves as a field of composite energies with a common goal: awakening the heart in business.
What emerges from our collective stories, visions, dreams, expressions and actions is the essence of who we are be-coming.
How we do things, together. A dynamic relationship.
The third space community is an environment in which our energies percolate, co-mingle and evolve.
A place where we stimulate new thought, expand our minds and activate qualities and capacities that live inside us.

The gift: We have a dynamic laboratory where we can notice seeds of change appearing. In us, through us, all around us. Everywhere, in our own community. The community is also becoming the change.

Co-Creating a compelling new business story: Love in Business

In this newly created WE-space, we mutually support and nurture heart-inspiring, thought-provoking and engaging business conversations.
Ones that speak about community, collaboration, inclusion and hope.
Developing an all-embracing, inner to outer language becomes more critical when developing a conscious business.
Where social justice, environmental responsibility and economic equity hold sway.
Marked by love, compassion, kinship, collaboration.
Peace and harmony, synchronicities and unity.
And if you add heart-centeredness and soul-focus to the mix, the complexities are multiplied. A comprehensive communication system. A new lexicon, a new vocabulary, a new grammar, a new language of the hear.t Our vision is to build a reservoir of conscious business wisdom.
Providing a safe space where we can share cutting-edge ideas, creations, passions and bold messages.
Finding new intersections between business and consciousness, the arts, culture, language, science and technology. A place where we come to cross-pollinate.
Knowing that we’re not alone in how we see the world.
Inter-connecting on all levels.
Held and valued within a community of the heart.
As we address some of the most urgent business questions of our time.

The gift: It’s about showing up with a transformative story. We are the ones evolving.
 Language is shaping us. Not the other way around.
 Profoundly impacting how we translate, inter-relate.

What is emerging?  A unifying system.