Do What You Love ∞ A poem to inspire

Quantoem Poems has been a rich treasure trove and inspirational resource for the third space over these past few years.
It is an honor to include Do What You Love in our first blog edition.
This is our way of interweaving the arts and conscious business as another portal to awakening the heart in business.

Quantoem Poems

Do What You Love

do what you love
or love what you do?
a very good question
to explore thru and thru

when choosing a job
and it is something you love
it is no longer work
it is what you dream of

a connection to creation
ideas stream in
time flies by or doesn’t exist
when we’re engaged from within

that is our favourite
place to exist
that is our personal playground
to fine-tune our gifts

gifts to humanity
gifts to grow and share
gifts of a specialist
filled with passion and care

when we do what we love
we obviously love what we do
but can we love something that challenges us
and give it our attention too

when we live in service
we have choices to make
and when guided by the heart
we know which path to take

our world is in chaos
we hold a still point within
when the opportunities arrive
sometimes we simply jump in

helping another
expanding an idea
offering our perspectives
knowing where to steer

we are in this together
it is time to unfold
our connections are plentiful
let’s be daring and bold

yes to the concept
to do what we love
if we simply love life
we love all its made of

gagi     06/17/20