Love in Business System Course 1 – Presence in Business

In Course 1, we become sensitized to a different way of seeing, hearing, and sensing that takes us to a place of heart coherence.

“Being” in business.

We move into Presence and establish an inner rhythm, together.

We experience ourselves as co-creators in a much larger story that is presently unfolding.

We explore the dynamics of harmonizing with one another by cultivating a new communication system and complementary conscious practices that are inclusive, collaborative, and bring us to wholeness.

We discover how our thoughts inform our actions from the inside and how we can weave both inner and outer strands into a narrative of Love in Business.

The diversity and power of our stories will lead us to see business with new eyes and become catalysts for change.

How we interact with our hearts in all aspects of our work, affects the whole of business and will allow us to be this change, ourselves.