Love in Business System

Course 2 – Wisdom in Business

We are in the midst of a significant planetary transformation. We’ve never been faced with a challenge quite like this before.
What we’ve come to understand is that big changes are underway and we’re in the midst of them. Not outside of them.
Business itself is undergoing on-going states of unpredictability, presenting us with a rich opportunity to participate and contribute in its renewal.

How these shifts play out in our own businesses is contingent on us accessing an untapped source of collective wisdom.
This implies training ourselves in new ways of thinking together through expanding our minds, opening our hearts, merging our insights and negotiating peaceful solutions to our current dilemmas.

When we practice together, we build a deepening awareness of the space between us. Where we progressively drop into deeper layers of authentic relating.
By pivoting into an integrated, synchronized group experience, by recovering spheres of awareness that we have forgotten, we enter a level of inter-connectedness where our differences unite us rather than divide us. Where our unique qualities and gifts become an abundant resource.

We transition ourselves into the heart and soul of business.
And shape its evolution through love, wisdom and greater clarity.
Connecting business, one heart at a time.

Our lives now depend more than ever on our willingness to work together.
By cultivating our capacity to move forward in harmonious wholes, our impact becomes exponential.
A series of incremental changes is taking us to a critical turning point.
And the evolution of group consciousness is emerging from the margins.

Transforming business through awakening the heart.

This is wisdom in business.