Love in Business System

Course 3 – Wholeness in Business

the activation sequence

In these times of disruption, volatility and global reset, organizations, companies and entrepreneurs, are engaging in radically re-visioning & re-designing their businesses, at all levels.

Thinking about change and transforming our thinking are crucial in bridging from the old to the new and yet, they do not tell the whole story of our collective experience as we birth a new structure of consciousness in business. What is needed to bring us full circle is the practical application of our new-found wisdom as we train ourselves to think from the whole to the part and as we integrate and ground the vertical and horizontal levels of awareness in our everyday work.

In Wholeness in Business, the third course in the Love in Business system, our emphasis is on putting into full action the conscious principles, processes, thought -building techniques, and practices we have encountered so far. By actively experiencing and intentionally living the change itself, we will fully embody and turn up our love frequency so that we can intensify love in action, in all our interactions. Each new possibility sparking our inner energy and linking us with another part of ourselves, as we grow into our wholeness.

We will use what we have learned about how love is an evolutionary, magnetic & cohesive field of energy from which to presence, shape & orient business as it shifts into a force for good in the world. And where the access route to this new consciousness is activated from the heart as an emerging and emergent property of the whole system.

We will introduce our newly-created Love in Business Activation Matrix, a constellated “insta-structure” that is fluid, flexible and dynamic and serves as a guide in operationalizing heart-centered action. This is not a cookie cutter blueprint –rather it is an evolutionary approach with multiple entry points and a heart-soul orientation.

As we learn to navigate this new logic of the heart, we will track how it informs our outer expression as we shift our center of gravity into the heart. Through this inner to outer activation process, the group will be invited to chart its own course and come to a harmonious whole. Together, we will discover new capacities, possibilities, strategies, technologies, resources and structures of consciousness to draw on as we enact Love in Business.