Clarity in the third space

In the third space, we are expanding heart connection in business.

The essence of who we are becoming emerges from collective stories, visions, dreams, expressions, and actions.

Who we are together

The third space is a space of deep listening and connectivity,

  • We take a deep breath and see more clearly.

It is a space to be vulnerable, authentic, and safe.

  • We find new perspectives and textures in the landscape.

Explore the third space

Just as there is an inner journey for each of us, there is a similar journey in business.


View things differently -Takes only one small shift to see new perspectives

Open hearts – Calm mind leads to an expansive heart

Take inspired action – Create a powerful field for deeper collaboration


It is a practice, individually and together, in every moment.

Where are you finding time to take a deep breath and see new perspectives?

“A group is not just a gathering of people, it is an evolving field of consciousness that gives birth to new ideas and ways of being.” Michael Lindfield