Changing the conversation in business

In last week’s blog we introduced how we prepare for a
Conscious Business Conversation by reclaiming time and space.
We would now like to take you through an exploration of inquiry and discovery.

A Conscious Business Conversation.
Where every day business people like us, pause.
And find ourselves, without effort, in an unanticipated place.
Present. Conscious. Aware of one another in new ways.
Collapsing borders.
Bringing about new possibilities.
Through presence, inquiry, discovery.

Who do we bring to our conversations?

When we communicate with others, especially in business, we tend to offer a professional version of ourselves. Our business face.
In a Conscious Business Conversation, we ask ourselves:

How authentic am I when I connect with others?
How much am I willing to give and reveal of myself, in professional conversations?
How many of my business conversations do I call meaningful? Transformative?

In Conscious Business Conversations, we encourage you to bring your whole Self.

A sense of intimacy and connection

Through silence and quieting the mind, stillness appears as we collectively hold it.
We can hear the stillness as it becomes part of the words spoken.
This is how the subtle and invisible layers of the conversation surface and take form.
Anchored in and expressed through us, the group.

The unseen becomes the seen. And the said.
The inside makes its way to the outside, in a timely and organic way.

As we step into the heart and out of our individual active busy thinking patterns,
we begin to feel something happen.
Taking form.
We can sense an aliveness.

A seed thought is taking shape.
Soon to be expressed by one of us in the group.

In holding presence and allowing our intuitive listening to kick in, different thought patterns start to align and synchronize.
In this newly created WE-space, we mutually support and nurture heart-inspiring, thought-provoking and engaging business conversations.

In conventional business settings, thoughts largely come from reason and intellect.
Are uttered from the self-concerned confines of ‘i’ space.
The conversation is about me and what I want to say.
My agenda.
The exchanges rarely invite deeper layers of collaboration nor do they genuinely celebrate gifts and contributions from others.
Authentic sharing is challenged.

Creative imagination

In a Conscious Business Conversation, new ideas bubble up.
Take form.
And in-form not only the conversation but also how we relate to one another.

We grow our collective creative intelligence and our capacity to think at a higher level.
And we begin to push through to more complex thought patterns.
A new reality has space in which to emerge.
Our imagination and curiosity subtly bring it to light, at a very deep level.
A new story of Love in Business is free to appear.

This is what conscious, caring and heart-centered business conversations look, sound and feel like.
Where love is inseparable from how we relate to one another.
In a heart-focused business language that we can understand.
And where the new context is the group field.

The power of group is how we grow and use our collective creative imagination.
It helps us think at a more universal scale.
In the interest of all stakeholders.

Together, we are reimagining business from the heart.

When did you last experience a conscious conversation in business?
What was its impact on you?

We can change the world if we just start listening to one another, again.”
Margaret Wheatley