century of love

Shared by JoY, writer from thethirdspace community

When we look back on the 21st century it will be with wonder and a sigh of relief! This is the century we make the shift.

In nautical terms, we will see that the correction of course, the apparent sharp turn that set us on a new trajectory was initiated right here in this moment by a slight shift, the smallest of shifts.

Now, where everything started.

What makes us so confident to declare the 21st Century the century of Love when many are beginning to lose hope?


Belief in the power of Love. Power that is wisely focused.

Focus speaks to attention, conscious action, or even non-action. This is where infinite energy is amassing.

How is the quality of attention and focus being changed on the planet? Is it sufficient to hold us in the treacherous dynamic curve on the nautical map?

Intention is the director of who we are choosing to become.

Conscious becoming, the will to bend the curve, requires determination and awareness. It is not force, but yielding to corrective power that forges the path forward in this century of our becoming.


This task would be overwhelming if left to a single mind. When many interrelated points of attention are required to bring cohesion on our planet, there is a word within all of us that embodies this capacity.

Love is a collective term. Having the capacity to enfold and embody everything, it has no beginning and no end.

Love is the clay and the wood from which creation escapes, as if by chance.

Never accidental. All births result from a gestational stage.

The awakening of right feminine- masculine balance in human consciousness is the silent revolution occurring and expressing in all realms of livelihood on the planet.

This is the fertile soil in which the embryo of our desired creation is in gestation. Stacking the scale favorably for the rising of human consiousness, and the embodiment of new life.


The dance between protective energies and more subtle finesse is building daily.

We are learning this new intelligence that directs us to our next action or non-action just as dancers learn, through experience, by aligning heart and mind and flowing with each other in new steps not previously imagined.

Look around, it is clear the energies are building.

They are building in the direction of Love.

What is your inner soundtrack ?

“Love is an advanced mode of intelligent living.” Heart Math