More than a gesture

more than a gesture collective narratives of presence standing with listening for willing to see acknowledging educating ourselves beyond narrow understandings accurately recalling, witnessing seeking new and higher forms of expression adjusting our reading leading by example relating all things a synthetic vision, harmony and peace stitching points of connection inter-meaning collaboration makes a difference [...]


Wiser choices

Wiser choices relational experiments that de-center power interrupt impacts inter-generational we-building de-activating colonial habits of being learning and un-learning deciphering other-self, personal-collective a multi-layered gesture wake up own up, show up, step up, clean up grow inside and outside what is really needed towards possibilities of de-colonial futures a place for collaborations dis-imposing re-inhabiting cultural identity, language [...]



on...purpose elusive latent, quiescent signals coalescing below the surface like the tip of an iceberg carrying centuries-old memories slowly releasing in time and space remembering on our behalf multi-faceted purpose progressively unfurls itself through phases of a lifetime gradually, incrementally, changing patterns coming forward, next steps moving in ever growing circles only available to awakening [...]


A koan

A koan Change is the only constant we know. Managing change is taking us to revolutionary business practices. Letting go. As we expand into heart wisdom in business, certain inherent qualities and creative capacities that have long remained dormant within us are activated. Flooding in. Engaging different levels of our consciousness, gives us a new [...]


Seeing the light

Seeing the light Like photographers, conscious business owners are in search of light. The heart, like a camera, teaches us how to see. The inner director, in intimate observation. Deepening consciousness. Of self, other. A sense of community. A village. The world. A promise of partnership. Creating connections. Intuitive, heart-centered choices. Aperture Looking for the [...]


Seeds of thought

Seeds of thought Everything starts with a thought. Thoughts are as potent as seeds. Within wildseeds, spirits waiting to be released. Like a forest sprouting from a single acorn. Everything held in the one thought. Encoding a deeper message. Landing on fertile soil. Right thought An important seed to cultivate. Generative seedthoughts in business. Inspirational. [...]


Evolutionary attunement

Evolutionary attunement As we awaken to a higher level of consciousness, there is no greater quality than presencing from the heart. In knowing it, in ourselves. Reflecting it, in each other. Relational co-evolution. Wholeness. In leadership. Strong. Powerful. Kind. Compassionate. Highly tuned. How often do you follow your heart in business? "Your vision will become [...]


Emerging sounds

Emerging sounds Love in Business Resonating from our hearts to yours We’re delighted to share the highlights of our collaborative birthing! This year we have come to Life. We have encountered and co-created. We have Learned. Lived. Experienced. Experimented. And most of all loved. Together! Love in Business: a radical idea whose time has come [...]