Emerging sounds

Emerging sounds Love in Business Resonating from our hearts to yours We’re delighted to share the highlights of our collaborative birthing! This year we have come to Life. We have encountered and co-created. We have Learned. Lived. Experienced. Experimented. And most of all loved. Together! Love in Business: a radical idea whose time has come [...]


Limitless Capacity

Limitless Capacity The word capacity came up in one of our group conversations, lately. Which got us thinking about how this term applies in a conscious business context. Many interpretations. Connotations. Inferences. Skills and capacities. Learned and innate. Capacities re-memorialized. Re-discovered. Surfacing revealing questions. What do we mean by developing capacity in a conscious business [...]


Space between the notes

Space between the notes At this critical time on the planet, moving forward with calm and serenity can seem almost inconceivable. When we are stressed, finding compassion and entering a peaceful state of mind takes a certain kind of steadiness and inner quiet. If we’re honest, most of us would agree that these qualities are [...]


Inner wisdom in business

Inner wisdom in business In these times of hyper-individualism and self-reliance, in business, it is hard to reconcile ourselves to the fact that we need to develop an inner approach. Our need for getting on with things, right now, is paradoxically standing in our way. Blocking our progress. Even though we are more digitally connected [...]


Knowing in business

Knowing in business When we talk about the “knowledge revolution” a few things come to mind. Logic, world-wide technology and mass communication. Instantaneous and inexhaustible sources of information. A global library at our fingertips. 24-7. All the facts we could possibly want. About anything, including business. For many of us, the ease of accessing knowledge [...]


The story of Love in Business

The story of Love in Business Like it or not, the current economic situation is touching us all. And right now, we're collectively experiencing the effects of unpredictable changes in business that are significantly impacting how we live. The challenges we face are many, varied and very real. This is the uncertain story of our [...]