Inside the heart of conversation

Inside the heart of conversation We are spending countless hours a day talking to each other on the internet. New forms of technology and ways of interacting in business have shifted how we connect. As our communications speed up, we are flooded with incessant streams of information. Like hamsters on a wheel, our exchanges can [...]


Expanding heart connection in business

Expanding heart connection in business To us, the third space community is a living being. Our philosophy is that we exist because of who we are, together. Through sharing and caring. By providing a mirror for each other. In the recognition that we flourish to the degree that those around us do so, as well. [...]


Being in business

Being in business… In these vulnerable times, we are craving more connection. A hard thing to do when we’re being asked to remain apart, socially distant. Finding close rapport on the internet somehow doesn’t quite measure up to sharing a workspace, physical intermingling or reading body language. The perception is that we have lost something [...]