Language is more than words

Language is more than words The case for a new business language that is attuned with holistic thinking is compelling in today’s diversified marketplace. Dreaming ourselves into wholeness through metaphor and the imaginal is a tall order. Repurposing and juxtaposing thoughts and phrases to bring new meaning is done every day. We are witnessing a [...]


Seeding change in business

Seeding change in business Quantum science tells us that where we put our attention is what creates our reality. Energy follows thought Who we are in business is highly dependent on how we think. What if we were to focus on awakening the heart of business ? We have an unparalleled opportunity to re-story ourselves, [...]


The story of Love in Business

The story of Love in Business Like it or not, the current economic situation is touching us all. And right now, we're collectively experiencing the effects of unpredictable changes in business that are significantly impacting how we live. The challenges we face are many, varied and very real. This is the uncertain story of our [...]