perfectly imperfect

perfectly imperfect   A great transformation is underway in our world. It is a reminder that the principles of transformation are the same for individuals, groups, and businesses. We create and direct our outer life through becoming aware of our inner life. Through exploring beliefs and ideas, releasing distorted perceptions or perspectives, and realizing new [...]


power up

power up align with a finer, sublter economy of energies a universal power grid of electrical impulses of omni-relatings of magnetic exchanges a source, a force for mutual sharing a higher voltage of rich transmissions abundant connections into love symmetries of an awakening heart harvesting seeds of our aggregate net worth disseminating higher resources distributing [...]


Transforming learning in business

Transforming learning in business learning for each other a cloud of knowing mutualistic, altruistic, pluralistic catalyzing, precipitating thought powerful new conditions finding voice in the sharing drawing on a common pool of wisdom changing the culture of business intentional action cooperative expression co-creative practice loving contribution, reflective engagement a culture of learning making things better [...]


More than a gesture

more than a gesture collective narratives of presence standing with listening for willing to see acknowledging educating ourselves beyond narrow understandings accurately recalling, witnessing seeking new and higher forms of expression adjusting our reading leading by example relating all things a synthetic vision, harmony and peace stitching points of connection inter-meaning collaboration makes a difference [...]


Sacred circles

Sacred circles Celebrating Earth. A spectacular Supermoon. Finding balance. Merging polarities. Energizing. Radically altering our course. Pondering In the US, coal mining moving to renewables. Shifting the power sector. The French trading in aging vehicles for electric bikes. Changing transportation. Unilever cooperating with worldwide partners. Saving the oceans. Diet research. Revolutionizing global agriculture. Newsflash: stone [...]


A koan

A koan Change is the only constant we know. Managing change is taking us to revolutionary business practices. Letting go. As we expand into heart wisdom in business, certain inherent qualities and creative capacities that have long remained dormant within us are activated. Flooding in. Engaging different levels of our consciousness, gives us a new [...]


Opposites attract

Opposites attract The words love in business elicit a range of responses. From genuine surprise and intense curiosity to sheer wonder and optimism. The kind that takes your breath away. They also give rise to astonishment. Confusion. Discontinuity. Even skepticism and disbelief. You know, the cocked eyebrow… The look that says: “what is that?” New [...]